Hello world, I normally don’t ask anyone for help when I’m in a tough situation but I have a goal and need your help! As you all know I’m attending #TempleUniversity and they have a number of opportunities available for us students. One opportunity for myself in particular is the chance to gain #EducationAbroad in Rome studying Criminal Justice. If there is anyone who would like to help me meet my goal and want to donate, anything is greatly appreciated. Check out out the link




I’ve always wanted to start a blog, just wasn’t sure how to do it. I wondered many things: Where do I start? How do I create an account? What am I supposed to blog about? What is a “Blog” anyway? What if I am nothing like the other creative and well-thought out bloggers? None of that matters now. This here is my first blog… so guys wish me luck.

The purpose of my blog is just to share my thoughts and ideas about my latest venture. To some what I am doing is not to them a venture but for me it is all or nothing. College!

Anything related to college. The people, the smell, the comfortability of the classes. The costs of getting to class, being in class, staying in school and planning for future courses and activities… ugh there is so much more I can speak on but this sums it up.

I am a recent graduateĀ from the Community College of Philadelphia and I must say, even though it was only for my associates degree… that degree came with a number of hurdles thatĀ I soon managed to leap over. I am a twenty-four year old seeking a career in the criminal justice system and am eager to learn all that I can from society and the world around me.

I am particularly interested in behavior health and juvenile offenders. I feel these two go hand and hand. There is so much that can be learned and taught from these subjects and one day be a clear line of how to help juvenile offenders. So I am starting now. I am currently a Temple University student receiving an education by some of the finest professors in the state. Studying to become a juvenile probation officer (though I know in my heart I will continue on and further my education to something that will help my community).

This will not be an easy task but I am ambitious, I am eager, I am young, and I am ready!!

More to come but for now this is a gist of the basis of all future blogs from me.

Let me know what you all think… first time blogger in the making and all tips, suggestions, and advice would be great!